Changing Society

‘Change’ is the least truth of life. In every fraction of time something changing around us. Sometimes it is noticeable or sometimes not. Everyone from us will be agreed with this; “if we are able to see the changes in our daily life it means we are alive”.

But from sometime, some of these changes are disappointing me. Every day when I am trying to read my newspaper, I am finding maximum news is related to social crime. At starting I thought that this is because India is changing (growing) and maximum population in India is young (lesser understanding about right and wrong) and they are adjusting them self with new merits of society, which are adopted from other cultures around the world.

Daily when I walked to communities, social circles, & work everywhere I found peoples are talking about these changes, social crimes. Saw they are saying “क्या हो गया है, लोग ठरकी हो गए हैं| ये गलत पर अब क्या हो सकता है| कोई ऐसा कैसे कर सकता है| पुलिस कुछ क्यूँ नहीं करती, इंडिया की गवर्नमेंट ही बेकार है|”. After reviewing a lot I found that when peoples are talking more about it, crime is increasing by double rate day by day. Means among us, some are living with dual personality or by making discussion like this we are promoting them. We all know what is wrong or right but rather than taking about it, it is batter to take initiative to find such persons, creating an environment by ourselves to demoralize such unsocial persons.

Internet & social media suddenly changed our daily habits. We have many live examples of social media where it is used as weapon for making our daily life batter. Why not to take an oath today and now “I will be the person who will change the world, I will maintain the freedom of myself and others.”

We don’t just have to think about it, we have to take action on it. Changes are necessary, but why not to manipulate some changes by ourselves which are batter for us and for over society. If we will not stop it now, it will be worst war against freedom of individual in the history of world. So from the next time don’t ignore that kind of persons who are suspicious, try to demoralize them to maintain our freedom.

Happy Independence Day 🙂